Motivation or de-motivation

A realization of the harsh reality of life?

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A mere statement of the obvious?

It’s silly what I’m about to say. But I’ll say it anyway. We live in a system where survival depends on the economic system. If you want to eat (except for those in Africa, for example, who have a mango tree in their backyard or other fruit trees to feed themselves for a while…), you need money. You need money, you need a job. You look for a job, you cannot find one, or if you think you have found one, you will have to ruin yourself in order to earn money, for certain activities.

There are so many malicious people who make you believe in the best, so much so that honest people can no longer find a good job, or find an employee or a collaborator. We all use the same tactics, the recruitment texts, the job descriptions, are almost all the same and in the end nobody is keeping up and you have the impression of wasting your time. On social networks, official recruitment websites, in this sea of advertisements, few of which are true and others quite false. So the true secrets of professional success are lost.

I can’t believe we can’ t find a simple and effective way to earning money, without cheating the other person. A way to make money while at the same time doing a service to your customer or prospect. When you buy a phone or whatever, you are not only making profit for someone but you are also happy to have got what you were looking for. It should be the same when looking for a so-called honest job.

Why isn’t it straightforward?

Please forgive me for this vulgarity, but I find it “boring” to be wasting your time, your money, your motivation, your enthusiasm on activities which at first seem simple and obvious, but on digging deeper you discover you must buy this, you must buy that, and in the end you find something absurd: you have spent €5000 and made one or a few people wealthy, while you… Of course, people will tell you that you have learnt a lot, that’ s true! But I can’ t earn my daily bread with those skills. Then tomorrow I’ll be homeless because I won’t be able to pay my rent and I’ll be disconnected because I won’t have a mobile phone subscription, and so on and so forth.

I am slightly upset today. Some people don’t care and that’s normal, maybe. The ones who earn their money by making others dream as well. But to those who recognize themselves in these words, be wary and above all rebel! Because the working world, either salaried or self-employed, should not be hard-core, insurmountable, inaccessible. When you get a job in the field of your expertise, you get in-house training, you get shown how the tools work, you get a description of the organisation chart, you get to know the culture of your new company. Are you struggling to get into the job? I mean a job that looks like you and for which you have graduated. No! You are not slaving away, quite the opposite, you are moving forward, evolving, and even managing to enjoy going to work every morning. It’s exactly the same feeling of well-being and happiness, of exhilaration that I experience when I get up in the morning, when I do my ritual of making my bed, getting cleaned up and sitting at my desk before starting my freelance work.

No more easy reasons

Covid’s crisis is a good one, because it is given and found for every reason. Indeed, my hotel business has fallen by the wayside. But so many other businesses seem to work. I can’ t believe that you can make a scam out of presenting you with events where you manage to reward people with big paychecks, cars or other bonuses. Why is it so complicated to replicate the same process? What is so mysterious about finding out how it works? I’m talking about all those jobs that allow you to earn money from home, not just by doing nothing, but with a process that actually allows you to succeed, not with a method that requires you to create your own method, because the reason you’re in a work-at-home business, for example, is to learn how to replicate other people’s successes and earn your own share of the pie. Am I wrong? Please leave me a comment below the article to tell me how I am wrong…

Running two hares at the same time is a real challenge

When people say that you should focus on one goal, it’ s not wrong, I promise you. Running two hares at the same time is a real challenge. You may think you’ re chasing two hares, but actually you are not tracking either one. So open your eyes and you will see that. I greet all those who have faced mountains and other obstacles in their lives until they reached the summit on which they are sitting today and which probably satisfies them. I am a very persistent person. Persistence is a beautiful quality. But beware not to confuse it with stubbornness.

I launched a hotel business which worked very well until the arrival of confinements in 2020. I started to learn about new business skills. That’ s when I started to run more than one hare at a time. Since then I haven’t caught any. My bank account is struggling to keep up with me. I have just asked for an appointment with my accountant to consider the bankruptcy of my e-commerce business for example, because for the moment I can’t keep up and I am ruining myself. The description on my medium profile shows this very well: I am testing different businesses…

Any advice?

I strongly believe that it is good, as head of a family and therefore head of a company, to know how to throw away the weapon. Yes, I said the weapon and not the weapons. One falls but one feels and knows that one has learned. You have learned a lot. You know your faults, you recognise your faults and you better understand how to come back one day and do better.

I hope that all those who would like to start out will encounter bumps in the road and learn from these falls. In both private and business life, there are the lessons learned from manuals, the wisdom of the elders. But there is also learning by trial and error, by practice, by pitfalls, by discovery, by reality rather than the virtual or the abstract.

Picture by Sammie Chaffin — Unsplash

So my message is not to tell you not to go ahead.You can plan everything on paper, but reality has its own rules. So don’t be afraid to jump in and get started.

The last word

When I started this article I felt tense, uptight, annoyed, disappointed, angry… The outlet I am sharing with you publicly, this rant, has calmed me down. Not that this will have chased away my problems that I see coming closer on the horizon… but it is true that sharing what’s in your heart is good to free yourself from certain weights. It helps you to take the next step forward with perhaps more serenity…

Thank you for reading me!

Your Sincerly,

Spencer C.



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